The unique traction drive in your Rotrex supercharger unit can only use Rotrex SX150 traction fluid.

Change your Rotrex Traction Oil/Fluid every 2 years or 50,000 miles.

Centrifugal Superchargers

Rotrex offer a standard program of superior centrifugal superchargers as a bolt-on addition to improve performance of your car or motorcycle.
Unmatched combination of power, reliability, low noise and compactness is what Rotrex superchargers is all about

Oil Circuit

The Rotrex supercharger has a dedicated traction oil circuit which ensures both lubrication, cooling and actual torque transfer.

Oil is being circulated by the internal oil pump through the traction drive and the external oil circuit. Applied in the generic case, the standard oil set consists of an oil canister, cooler, filter, hoses and fittings.

The oil set comes with one long length of hose making the oil set highly adaptable to the application.

Customized components and accessories are available for distributors and OEM customers on special order. In any case, it is mandatory to use Rotrex approved accessories only.