OBD2 AP-5 Gauge
275.000 AED 275.000 AED 275.0 AED
OBD2 AP-1 Gauge
170.000 AED 170.000 AED 170.0 AED
OBD2 AP-7 Gauge
360.000 AED 360.000 AED 360.0 AED
OBD2 AP-6 Gauge
220.000 AED 220.000 AED 220.0 AED
OBD2 AP-8 Gauge
250.000 AED 250.000 AED 250.0 AED
1. OBD+GPS+SLOPE METER Smart Gauge,3 modes in one
2.The first Smart Gauge with RGB color changing Ambient light on 2 sides, more cool.
3.Newly added G-Seneor electronic gradient sensor (real-time monitoring of vehicle left and right tilt, climbing, downhill angle)
4. 11 kinds of display screens can be switched freely
5. It can show your local time automatically after search the satellite

6. Adjustable Bracket, there are 2 kinds install method : 1) put on dashboard, 2) stick on window

7. Can read detail fault code

8. Clear fault code

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