Lambda Bosch 4.9
385.000 AED 385.000 AED 385.0 AED
- Brand: Bosch
- Manufacturer's Part No.: 0258017025
- Deep Performance Part No.: 000978
- Type of Formula: LSU 4.9
- Type: Wide-band Oxygen / Lambda sensor
- 1m length
- Warranty: No.
ID/ GM Delphi/ Bosch EV6 Conn. Kit
25.000 AED 25.000 AED 25.0 AED
Lambda Bosch 4.2 Conn. Kit
220.000 AED 220.000 AED 220.0 AED
Lambda Bosch 4.9 Conn. Kit
110.000 AED 110.000 AED 110.0 AED
Nuke Fuel Surge Tank kit for dual external Bosch 044
2,750.000 AED 2,750.000 AED 2750.0 AED
Lambda Bosch 4.2
385.000 AED 385.000 AED 385.0 AED
Lambda Bosch 4.0
605.000 AED 605.000 AED 605.0 AED
Bosch Injector 2200 cc
285.000 AED 285.000 AED 285.0 AED
Bosch 6 Tower Coil
745.000 AED 745.000 AED 745.0 AED
Bosch Coil MEC718
330.000 AED 330.000 AED 330.0 AED
Bosch Fuel Pump 044
575.000 AED 575.000 AED 575.0 AED
Bosch 044 fuel pumps mount in-line (out side of your gas tank), most commonly rear center under your car or truck. Each Bosch 044 in-line fuel pump provides 300LPH of flow and operate at 72.5 PSI. Bosch 0-580-254-044 fuel pumps are comparable to the Walbro 255LPH high pressure in-line fuel pumps which can both support vehicles for up to 600-700 horse power. Can be used in sequence with an in-tank Bosch 040 fuel pump.
Sold out
Bosch Coil MEC726
330.000 AED 330.000 AED 330.0 AED
Lambda Bosch LSU
495.000 AED 495.000 AED 495.0 AED
Phormula Knock Analyser Pro
1,485.000 AED 1,485.000 AED 1485.0 AED
The Knock Analyser Pro (KS-Pro) is a high quality knock detection kit that allows the user to listen for knock whilst tuning an engine. The Knock Analyser Pro has been developed with the assistance of the UKs premier tuning companies and as such contains many features lacking from alternatives on the market.

Key Features:

- The case is ruggedised giving additional protection in a workshop environment.
- The high quality shielded Sensor Cable includes a Bosch Wideband Knock Sensor this provides excellent sound quality.
- The headphones are designed by a leading manufacturer in Hi-Fi equipment giving superb quality and comfort. The "Closed" design reduces background noise and provides crystal clear sound.
- The high visibility case and cables make it easy to find in a busy workshop environment
Bosch Injector 380 cc
145.000 AED 145.000 AED 145.0 AED
Innovate MTX-L Plus: Digital Air/Fuel 8ft.
770.000 AED 770.000 AED 770.0 AED
- 100 pct. Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Technology
- 52mm[2-1/16 in. Gauge Body]
- Ability To Calibrate O2 Sensors For Maximum Accuracy
- Bosch™ LSU 4.9 Wideband O2 sensor
- Digital Display In AFR Or Lambda
- Enhance Heater Control; Superior Sensor Performance
- Faster Analog Output Speed Helps Ensure ECU Sees Changes in AFR
- Faster Sensor Frequency For Faster O2 Sensor Feedback
- Large Digital Readout and Programmable Digital Needle
- Patented DirectDigital™ Wideband Sensor Control
Nuke Fuel Log Collector 4P
385.000 AED 385.000 AED 385.0 AED
To effectively as possibly accommodate all functions of a developed fuel system setup without compromising quality or performance.

Our Fuel Log is developed to handle dual fuel pumps, dual Nuke Performance fuel filters or in combination with one fuel filter and one fuel pump. Designed to work perfectly with our Universal Bracket. Makes a solution you can rely on in any situation.

100% E85 Proof
Combines two units into one fuel line
Lightweight motorsports fuel log
AN-8 fittings included
Made in Sweden
For Bosch 044 fuel pumps and more
Bosch Injector Conn. Kit
25.000 AED 25.000 AED 25.0 AED
Bosch Injector 2000 cc
240.000 AED 240.000 AED 240.0 AED

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