Basinol Premium High 0540 Pro 4L

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    Premium High 0540 PRO is a fuel-saving engine oil in the SAE-grade 5W-40. High-quality base oils and specially optimized additives ensure maximum protection and a long service life for the engine. Due to its fuel-efficient character Premium High 0540 PRO achieves an excellent potential to save fuel.

    Premium High 0540 PRO has been developed for modern, powerful passenger cars and vans with petrol or diesel engines and can also be used for performance-enhanced turbo engines, catalytic converters and common rail injection technology.

    - excellent wear protection
    - suitable for long oil change times
    - excellent corrosion protection
    - good shear stability
    - good compatibility with sealing materials
    - good viscosity stability
    - good cold flow properties
    - excellent cleaning and dispersing properties

    Mercedes-Benz: MB 229.5


    Mercedes-Benz: MB 229.5, Mercedes-Benz: MB 226.5, Renault RN0700/RN0710, VW 502 00/505 00, BMW Longlife-01, PSA B71 2296, Porsche A40

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