Basinol Premium 030 LA 4L

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    Premium 030 LA is an HC synthetic low-friction engine oil for diesel engines with exhaust aftertreatment systems. It unfolds its excellent performance in modern diesel engines with exhaust aftertreatment systems.

    The Premium 030 LA meets the most demanding requirements of vehicle manufacturers with regard to oxidation stability. According to the maintenance instructions, it can be used with extended oil change intervals of up to 30,000 km. The high-quality additive package with a pronounced cleaning effect keeps the engine clean under all operating conditions. The very limited proportion of SAPS extends the service life of the diesel particle filter and contributes to reducing emissions over the entire mileage of the vehicle.

    – particularly good resistance to oxidation
    – suitable for exhaust-optimized engines
    – suitable for long oil change times
    – excellent cleaning and dispersing properties
    – reduces exhaust and particle emissions

    ACEA C2

    BMW Longlife-12 FE; Fiat 9.55535-DS1, 9.55535-GS1; Ford M2C 950-A; IVECO 18-1811 Class SC1 LV; PSA B71 2312; Suzuki

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