AEM Water/Methanol Flow Gauge 0-1000cc

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    AEM Electronics Analog Display Gauges

    AEM Electronics analog display gauges unite unsurpassed accuracy, speed, and control with an easy-to-read analog interface. They feature adjustable backlighting, 320 degree swept area, and precision high-speed electronic stepper motors. AEM analog displays include interchangeable bezels and faceplates, so they are not only fast, accurate, but stylish.

    Features include:

    * Adjustable backlighting via dial on the back of the gauge
    * Black and silver interchangeable bezels
    * White and black faceplates
    * 320 degree viewing area for unsurpassed resolution
    * Electronic stepper motor needle
    * 0-5v analog output included for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system
    * Standard or metric-style available

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