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AEM Kit CD7 to OBD2 Harness

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    Hawthorne, CA— AEM’s CD-7 OBDII CAN Plug & Play Adapter Harness (PN 30-2217) connects to the factory OBDII port on 2008-up vehicles and sends available data channels to the CD-7/CD-7L (PN 30-5500/ PN 30-5501 logging) Digital Dash Display, making it the perfect racing display for track day enthusiasts who want to be able to see engine and vehicle data but are still running a factory ECU. When combined with the Vehicle Dynamics Module (PN 20-2206, sold separately) users can add GPS, a 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope for track mapping and lap times, and critical vehicle dynamics data including G-loads, roll, pitch and yaw. Existing CD-7 owners with a stock ECU who are already using the dash and receiving channels from a data logger or other CAN-enabled device can now add additional channels through the OBD connection on 08-up vehicles using this plug & play harness!

    With the release of CD-7 software version 1.01.04b, all CD-7 Digital Dash Displays have the ability to read CAN bus data from the OBDII port of 2008-up vehicles with a simple firmware update (click here for software).

    Once the CD-7 OBDII CAN Plug & Play Adapter Harness is connected, the dash polls the vehicle’s CAN bus to see what channels are available and what speed they are being delivered. Users can then select the channels they want to add to the display, set alarms for available channels and log them if using a CD-7L logging dash.

    Although the CD-7 cannot control the data rate that available channels are transmitted (since this is determined by the vehicle manufacturer), users can prioritize channels to optimize them for the best available transfer speed.

    PN 30-2217 CD-7 OBDII CAN Plug & Play Adapter Harness Features:

    • Provides plug & play connection from CD-7 to OBDII port for adding CAN channels on 08-up vehicles

    • Able to select and prioritize available channels for best possible transfer speed

    • Ideal for track day enthusiasts – get channels from OBDII CAN and add AEM VDM for track mapping, lap times and vehicle dynamics!

    PN 30-5500/30-5501 CD-7 Digital Dash Features:

    • Full color 7” screen with 800x480 resolution

    • Direct sunlight readable(1000cd/m2 brightness and anti-glare filter)

    • IP66 water resistance allows for operation in boats and motorcycles without worry

    • Accepts channels from two separate user programmable CAN bus connections – works with AEMnet enabled devices and 3


       party devices side by side

    • Available with or without 200Mb internal logging (up to 1000Hz/channel)

    • Seven programmable pages including four Main pages, Alarm, On-Change and Start-up pages

    • Dedicated Alarm page quickly identifies problems (user defined)

    • Unique On-Change page can be used to identify map switching for boost, traction, lap times, etc.

    • Use included page templates and input your channels and text, or create your own custom page templates

    • Free DashDesign Graphics Editor software

    • Seven LED RPM/shift light indicators on top of the housing (programmable and dimmable)

    • Two programmable LEDs above toggle buttons on sides of housing

    • Available as package with VDM to add GPS for track mapping & lap times, accelerometer for longitudinal, lateral and vertical G-loads and gyrometer for roll, pitch and yaw

    • Odometer function

    • Over 200 supplied fully programmable warning icons, and you can add your own

    • ‘Headlight-in’ connection dims the dash and LEDs during night operation

    • Two extra switch inputs included for displaying user-triggered events (blinkers, high beams etc.)

    • User supplied graphics can be changed based on channel values (up to the full screen size)

    • Convert CAN bus channel values to user-defined text

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